2011 FED TV Update

Still no FED TV or FED monitors in sight so far this year. AUO is still developing the technology however. Here are some points from their FED page.

AUO is dedicated to the development of the following FED technologies as its major advantages:

  1. Lightweight panel
  2. High resolution FEA structure and emitter technology
  3. New generation panel process
  4. Driver system for energy saving and high definition

However, there are still a few things to work out as mentioned below:

“To FED, the issues of damaged FEA, current fluctuation, and performance degradation still need constant improvements. To put this technology into practice, AUO has dedicated technical teams for FED development since January of 2010. How to optimize and integrate the related technologies, increase production efficiency, and lower the equipment investment cost are all important topics for the practical realization.”

More at: AUO FED Display