FED TV Update

As 2009 begins FED TV technology may be closer. Field emission display monitors from Ikegami and Astrodesign have been displayed at both Inter BEE 2008 and IBC2008.

Astrodesign FED monitor
Astrodesign FED monitor

“Field emission displays will be the true replacement for high-grade CRT monitors according to Astrodesign, which is previewing a 20-inch FED monitor at IBC in comparison with a high-quality LCD.  “It is very similar to CRT because every pixel has its own beam. It creates a very natural look and the motion is very clear,” said Sales Executive Hiroyuki Kuwahara. However, like Ikegami, which also has an FED on show, it will be next year before the display can ship, because the production facility has to be built first, with prices likely to be in the region of Û20,000.” Quote and image from www.ibc.org

OLED TV and SED TV aren’t going to be available anytime soon at a realistic screen size at any price. Field Emission Technologies had announced FED TV production starting in 2009 but considering the recent economic unrest and the problem of financing for their factory acquisition, this may be optomistic.

Production of FED monitors may end up paving the way for consumer models to be delivered by 2010.

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    2 thoughts on “FED TV Update”

    1. I’m really hoping FED makes it to the consumer market place. I for once feel that LCD is nowhere near the Quality of My 12 year old Sony Triniton CRT.
      Should anyone need a Tester in the UK feel free to contact me.

    2. I’m working on an improved version of field emission displays. I’m trying to find an angel investor to work it out. if successful, you guys will be able to see lower priced FED in near future 😀

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