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AU Optronics To Build OLED TVs for Sony

AU Optronics, while still holding FED TV assests from FET, is now rumored to be in talks to produce OLED panels for Sony’s consumer division. More news here.

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FED TV 2012 Update

FED TV and field emission displays are not in the forefront of display technology lately. OLED TV does seem to be making real gains this year with 55″ models from both LG and Samsung promised to consumers. We’ll keep you updated on any changes in FED display technology as they happen.

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FED TV – Nothing To Report

Actually FED TV is not the only display technology that’s in a coma. SED TV is in a bit of a coma and OLED TV is still emerging from the darkness of development and affordable production techniques. More news as it develops. Thanks for checking in.

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2011 FED TV Update

Still no FED TV or FED monitors in sight so far this year. AUO is still developing the technology however. Here are some points from their FED page.

AUO is dedicated to the development of the following FED technologies as its major advantages:

  1. Lightweight panel
  2. High resolution FEA structure and emitter technology
  3. New generation panel process
  4. Driver system for energy saving and high definition

However, there are still a few things to work out as mentioned below:

“To FED, the issues of damaged FEA, current fluctuation, and performance degradation still need constant improvements. To put this technology into practice, AUO has dedicated technical teams for FED development since January of 2010. How to optimize and integrate the related technologies, increase production efficiency, and lower the equipment investment cost are all important topics for the practical realization.”

More at: AUO FED Display

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Update on Field Emission Technology acquisition by AU Optronics

It seems that FED TV and field emission display monitors may be on the way from AU Optronics.

“According to the deal, AU Optronics will acquire certain assets that include patents, know-how, inventions, and relevant equipment related to field emission displays or FED, technology and materials from Tokyo, Japan-based FET, which is owned 39.8% by Sony Corp. (SNE)

AU Optronics’s Chief Executive Officer and President, L. J. Chen, said, “With its successful cooperation with FET, AUO intends to utilize FET’s resources of FED technology to commercialize products, which will hopefully benefit our customers and end consumers.”

FED is a new type of flat-panel display that has self light-emitting capacity and has great contrast and low power consumption, with no motion blur and deeper color depth capable of 12bit gray level.”

More on this exciting story at: rttnews.com

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FED TV assets acquired by AU Optronics

FED TV news at last:

(RTTNews) -  Wednesday, AU Optronics Corp. (AUO: News ) said it has entered into an agreement with Field Emission Technologies or FET and FET Japan, Inc. or FETJ, to purchase certain assets and to transfer certain technology from FET, a leader in FED or field emission displays technology whose 39.8% of shareholding is owned by Sony Corporation. In the transaction, AUO said it will acquire certain assets that include patents, know-how, inventions, and relevant equipment related to FED technology and materials.

It will be very interesting to see what AU Optronics does with the technology from FET. Stand by for more news.

Full story at: rttnews.com

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CES 2010 – No FED TV in sight

Just a quick update from CES 2010 in Las Vegas. OLED TV and 3D TV are the main display technologies at the show this year. FED TV or any other form of field emission display is absent.

I’m not expecting too much in the FED TV field in 2010 but I’ll keep this blog going. Thanks.

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FET – Field Emission Technologies shutting down

Well here’s some bad news for FED TV fans. Field Emission Technologies is closing down.

It wasn’t a good sign when they couldn’t raise funds to buy the Pioneer plant they had hoped to use to manufacture field emission displays. The closure was blamed on an inability to raise funds for manufacturing.

Field emission displays may emerge again in the future from another manufacturer but not Sony or FET.

So, no FED TV in the near future. The future of OLED looks pretty bleak right now also. Aside from one “concept TV” from Sony, nothing else is expected soon.  Also, the top rated plasma TV, the Pioneer Kuro is no more…

Despite the ups and mostly downs over the last few years, I think that SED TV has a good chance now if SED Inc and Canon can pull it off.

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FED TV Update

As 2009 begins FED TV technology may be closer. Field emission display monitors from Ikegami and Astrodesign have been displayed at both Inter BEE 2008 and IBC2008.

Astrodesign FED monitor

Astrodesign FED monitor

“Field emission displays will be the true replacement for high-grade CRT monitors according to Astrodesign, which is previewing a 20-inch FED monitor at IBC in comparison with a high-quality LCD.  “It is very similar to CRT because every pixel has its own beam. It creates a very natural look and the motion is very clear,” said Sales Executive Hiroyuki Kuwahara. However, like Ikegami, which also has an FED on show, it will be next year before the display can ship, because the production facility has to be built first, with prices likely to be in the region of Û20,000.” Quote and image from www.ibc.org

OLED TV and SED TV aren’t going to be available anytime soon at a realistic screen size at any price. Field Emission Technologies had announced FED TV production starting in 2009 but considering the recent economic unrest and the problem of financing for their factory acquisition, this may be optomistic.

Production of FED monitors may end up paving the way for consumer models to be delivered by 2010.

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19″ FED Monitor Demonstration

Sony has been showing off a 19 inch FED (Field Emission Display) monitor from spin-off FET or Field Emission Technologies.

Not content with just showing a standard demo with a BluRay source, they’ve hooked up the 19″ FED monitor to 4 PS3′s at 4x 1080P playing Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

Audiences were amazed by the lifelike quality of the images. There was no flicker whatsoever.

“The display used in this demonstration was the 19 inch nano-Spindt FED screen produced by FE Technologies, who is a company that has taken over the development of the FED technology that was being developed at Sony. This display contains over 10,000 electron sources called the nano-spindt emitter, per pixel. A fluorescent substance is exposed to the electrons from the emitters to produce light, and this format is very close to a cathode-ray tube in principle. The resulting view angle is wider in comparison to a LCD panel, and it shows superior performance when displaying moving images, with no blurring of the outline.”

FET also recently stated that they would have field emission monitors available starting next year for broadcast applications.

Excellent story at: sonyinsider.com

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